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           The population of Nankai District increases continuously. The population in this district is 220,000 in 1949, and the density of population is 8404.6 men per square kilometer. By 2006, the number of permanent resident is 925,000 people, and the population in the household register is 811,000. The density of population in the district is 19621 men per square kilometers.

》Natural Alternation of Population
             Accruing rate of population in Nankai District is in continuous negative increase for eleven years from 1993 till now. In 2005, the birthrate of the population in the household register of the whole district is 3.97‰, the death rate is 4.56‰, and the accruing rate is minus 0.59‰.

》Population Education
             The integral cultural education level of population in Nankai is in continuous rise. According to the Fifth National Population General Investigation, in 2000, people who own education of junior college or above in Nankai District is 21.9%, which increases 10% than 1990; 31% of population has senior middle school education, which increases 6.5%; 28.8% of population has junior middle school education, which descends 1.4%. The proportion of population having primary school education or below descends 5.8%. In the whole population of the district, the rate of analphabet of 15 years old or more is 3.2%, including non-literate or less literate, which descends 3.53% than 1990. Nankai District is the area having the highest cultural education level in Tianjin.

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