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》Origin of “Nankai”
             The territory of Nankai District became the land after the sea receded nearly four thousand years ago, and the terrain is flat with higher elevation in north and lower elevation in south. Nankai District locates in the southwest of Tianjin city, which was the low-lying zone in the south of the ancient city of Tianjin, and commonly called as “Nankai”.

》Setting Up Wei and Founding City in Nankai
           The ancient city of Tianjin located inside Nankai. In the third year of Kangding (1326) in the Yuan Dynasty, Tianfei Palace was built in the northeast of it, and the land became the important town of “intersection of lots ofmerchandises”. In the second year of Yongle (1404) in the Ming Dynasty, Wei was set up and the city was built, and it was given the name of “Tianjin”, meaning the land of “The Son of Heaven Crossing the River”. It became “the door of the capital” and the military garrison later. From the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the offices of the army and the government were all built in the city. Wei was changed into state in the Qing Dynasty, and was changed into prefecture later, which was set up as Tianjin County with its outer city, with the prefecture and the county in one city. Tianjin was changed into the administrative prefectural city from the military Wei, and became “the first county” around the capital city. From the time when Wei was set up in the Ming Dynasty, there were numbers of army guarded and built the emplacement in it. The thirtieth year of Xianfeng (1860) in the Qing Dynasty, in order to defense the inbreak of allied forces of England and France, a row of trench and wall was built outside the city, thus Tianjin city walls was defenitized.

》Establishment of Nankai District
           In the seventeenth year of the Republic of China (1928), Tianjin was set up as the special city, which was subordinate to the first, second districts and Tianjin County. During the period of Second World War (1938—1945), it was changed into the first, second, and ninth districts and Tianjin County. In August 1947, with area divided from the seventh district, Tianjin municipality formed the eleventh district.
                         After the liberation, the primary district division was followed. Its name was changed as the seventh district in October 1952, and the formal name Nankai District was given in January 1st, 1956. Actually, the people’s government of the district locates at Huanghe Street No. 390.

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