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》Economic Gross
           In the recent years, Nankai District insists on taking merchandise and introducing into capital as the lifeline and impetus of expediting the area economic development, and optimizes actively the investment development environment, and forms large merchandise, large environment, and large service pattern, which make the industry layout and the economic structure optimize continuously, and make the area economy keep continuous, quick, and healthy development.dollars, together compare increase 20.01%.Canvass business to lead the sum of to create the history new high that has ever had, negotiate the sum to attain 8,831,000,000 dollars, arrive an amount of money 5,631,000,000 dollars, compare to increase 110% and 84%s last year.The whole year adds 1809 of private enterprise, register the funds above 10,000,000 dollars of business enterprise amount to 122, the private enterprise add and the total number of doors are in a row of whole city first, the economic total amount come out in front in the whole city.Not public make the economy to become economic importance in district growth's order.

》Financial Income
             At the time of economy increasing quickly continuously, the area class public finance income carries out the significant growth, developping to provide the powerful guarantee for the economy, social business and cities in the district.In 2004, carry out the area class public finance income 795,000,000 dollars, compared to increase 23% together.

》Industry Structure
             Further upgrade of industrial structure, the economic whole character promotes obviously.In 2004 the second industry realization increment was worth 1,064,000,000 dollars, the third industry was still the main push power that the south openned the economic growth, the realization increment was worth 4,122,000,000 dollars, the specific weight that had the whole area GDP attained 80%.

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