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》Nankai Mid and Long-Term Development Goal
           Facing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, Nankai fixed new mid and long-term development goal: constructing Nankai to an basically important commercial centre of Tianjin city, an energetic hi-tech industrial base, an attractive cultural touring base, becoming the advanced culture district of Tianjin city with prominent characteristics and solid strength.

》Construction of “Six Areas and Three Zones”
             Nankai Distict will construct the folk-custom cultural touring commercial area basing on ancient urban area and ancient culture street Haihe Building commercial area till 2010; constructing the commercial area comprising Southwest Corner and Sanma Road (Nanjing Road, Nanmenwai Street, east part of Changjiang Road); constructing the hi-tech industrial park basing on policy area; constructing the production materials logistics (market group) comprising the zone of Xiyingmenwai and urban industrial area; constructing the urban touring commercial area comprising the zone of Tianjin Tower and Shuishang Park; constructing the aerobic exhibition services area comprising the zone of Tianjin Sport Place, Olympic Stadium. Creating the symbolic street comprising South Road and Huanghe Road, Changjiang River Road Automobile Commercial Street, Anshanxi Road Science Commercial Street, forming the “Six Areas and Three Zones” combined network layout with multiple centre group and sections.

》Economic Development Goal in the next five years.
             The district economy is in continuous quick development, the three main economic indexes doubled the basis of 2002, the gross domestic product increased of 20%; the retail-selling sum of social consumables increased of 18%; the annual disposable financial resources increased of 15%, striving by every means to reach one billion Yuan.

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