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》Reconstruction of ancient area
           In 1993, Tianjin Committee, and Tianjin Government fixed the magnificent aim of completing the integral reconstruction works for dangerous bunkhouses in five years, being the district having the largest part of dangerous bunkhouses, the task of Nankai District is the heaviest. Under the correct lead of Tianjin Committee and Tianjin Government, the whole district made great efforts together, till 1998, removed dangerous bunkhouses 1523,100 square meters, resettled 64475 residents, and surpassed the quota stipulated in the contract with Tianjin Government. From 1999 to 2002, it removed dangerous bunkhouses of 585,800 square meters, and the beneficial residents are 18051. In March 2003, Tianjin Committee and Tianjin Government made an important decision of reconstructing the old area around the city gate. Reconstruction of the old area started up roundly in June 1st, the removed old residence reaches 730,000 square meters, and the beneficial residents are 28890. Thousands of citizens left execrable and dangerous bunkhouses, and entered into spacious residence area. The heating area of the whole district is 14036,600 square meters, and the heating rate of the residence is 86%. Newly built, broaden, and reconstructed more than 30 roads, including the South Road.

》Environment Protection and Control
             Environment protection and control takes “Model Creation” as the aim, the strength of protection and control is increased continuously, and the integral urban environment obtained the second level or above occupy 61.8% of the whole years.further improvement. It built the area without coal at first in the city, and the quantitative examining index of the whole dredging for environment protection gained the first place for three continuous years in the city. Through reconstruction, the water quality of Jin River, Weijin River has improved obviously, and the zoological function of the water has begun to renew. The atmosphere environment is improved continuously. The average density of SO2, the whole suspending granulated matter in the area have descended 6.9% and 3.5% respectively. The days that the atmosphere quality index has reached .

》City Virescence
             Virescence construction takes improving the entironment of the city as the aim, and takes green belt around the city, the sight greenbelt of the city and the large open greenbelt in the central zone as the emphases to accelerate and advance. By the end of 2002, the virescence area of the district reached 9075,700 square meters, the actual trees are 1022,500, the covering rate of virescence is 31%, the greenbelt rate is 23.5%, and the public greenbelt per person is 6.81 square meters. Comparing with those ten years ago, the total area of the greenbelt in the district increases 7103,100 square meters, and the actual trees increase 656,200. The covering rate of virescence and the greenbelt rate increase 13.3% and 12.82% respectively. By 2003, Nankai District owns the park with largest area in Tianjin — Shuishang Park, totally 14 including Changhong Park, etc., 52 small pleasance, 1697 greenbelts between buildings in the resident area, 875 vista greenbelts, greenbelts along the bank of rivers of 246,500 square meters, and 7 virescence square, which make the life of citizens and carving environment improve obviously.

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