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General Summary

Situates on the seashore of Bohai Sea, and the native place of Tianjin. A fertile soil that gestated its own local conditions and customs, generations of honest people created centuries-old and splendid culture, the wave of reform and opening wrote down a flourishing and prosperous epic of development. Such is the birthplace of Tianjin — Nankai.
                         Nankai District is one of the administrative districts of Tianjin municipality, which locates in the southwest of the central zone with the area of 40.64 square kilometers and the population of 870,000. Nankai District is an urban area full of vitality, characterized by its commercial, technical and cultural activities, having favorable conditions and advantage for integrated development.
                         Nankai District is the culture and education district of Tianjin. There are famous higher institutions such as the well-renown Nankai University and Tianjin University in the district. Nankai Middle School, name stems from the geographic position of Nankai, is not only one of the famous schools in China, but also it was attended by two prime ministers of China: Zhou Enlai and Wen Jiabao.
                         Nankai District is hi-tech industrial area of Tianjin. The national hi-tech industrial park—— Tianjin New Technology Industry Area is seated in Nankai District. Nankai Technology Park, covering an area of 12.22 square kilometers, is the policy area of Tianjin New Technology Industry Area. The enterprises entering Nankai Technology Garden can enjoy the preferential policies of national hi-tech area.
                         Nankai District is the folk-custom and cultural touring district in Tianjin. The ancient urban area around the city gate of Nankai District is the birthplace of Tianjin. It has a history of 600 years, and there are lots of cultural treasures and places of historic interests, which forms particular folk-custom culture atmosphere. The Palace of the Queen of Heaven, built in the Yuan Dynasty, is one of the famous three temples of the Queen of Heaven in the world. Drum-tower Commerce Street completed recently reproduced the flourishing landscapes of the ancient area around the city gate in those years.
                         Nankai District is the important trade district in Tianjin. Traditional trade, the old firms such as Zheng Xingde, Si Yuanxiang, and Xiang Dezhai obtained new development. Southwest Corner and East Street form the new flourishing area. Such modern trade establishments and chain supermarkets as New World Xin’an Shopping Plaza, Trust-Mart, the Home World, and Carrefour etc. driving new consumption. The Traditional Culture Street, the Costume Street, the Hardware City in the South Street, and the Stainless Steel Market, etc. becoming the professional markets known in the whole country.
                         The development goal of Nankai district will build the district into an important commercial centre, a hi-tech industrial base full of vitality, an attractive cultural touring base and the advanced cultural district of Tianjin.

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